Les Grands Bains Area

p grands-bains« Grands Bains » Area

An enjoyable experience in a friendly atmosphere!

« Les Grands Bains » spa is an oasis of heat and water, where both young and old can enjoy the natural thermal springs of Monetier.

Relax in the indoor infinity pool (+ 300 m²), with bubble beds, underwater massage jets, water fountains and Jacuzzi.

Try out the Roman Trilogy:



And also:

  • frigidarium (cold water grotto)
  • tepidarium (warm water grotto)
  • caldarium (hot water grotto)


  • The hammam/steam room
  • Music pool
  • Mineralising pool
  • Gentle mists

Enjoy the outdoor pool in both summer and winter (+ 300 m²), with its flowing river, massage jets and air beds.


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